Wednesday, 24 May 2017 (10:00-16:00)



Biological and Chemical agents are widely used in the industrial world; they are often easily available on the open market and therefore may be used deliberately to cause harm, and have been often used as warfare agents. Under this premise, it is clear how important Biological and Chemical Safety and Security are for first responders and other involved professionals, civilian and military organizations and the population. Risk reduction can be achieved by both enhancing the protection of the actors involved and constantly improving the decontamination systems. PPE and CPE, innovative materials, technologies and systems, engineering applications, experimental and applied physics and technical challenges related to CBRNE will be discussed in this section.

This session is aimed at bringing together researchers and experts in the following fields: 

  • CBRNE Contamination and Decontamination
  • Experimental and Applied Physics for CBRNE Agents Decontamination, Protection, Risks Reduction
  • Engineering Applications for CBRNE Agents Decontamination, Protection, Risks Reduction
  • Technical Challenges on CBRNE
  • Chemical Safety & Security
  • Biosecurity and Biosafety
  • CBRNE Research & Innovation
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Materials, Technologies and Systems
  • Collective Protective Equipment’s (CPE) Materials, Technologies and Systems
  • Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials for Safety & Security
  • Innovative materials for CBRNE Applications


Cornelius Bartles

Deputy Head Global Biosecurity – GBS for the Robert Koch Institute (Germany)


Florigio Lista

Col., Centro studi e ricerche di sanità e di veterinaria dell’esercito (Italy)


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Oral Presentations



Cornelius Bartles (Invited Speaker)

Deputy Head Global Biosecurity – GBS for the Robert Koch Institute (Germany)

The Robert Koch Institute Role in the CBRNe protection

Florigio Lista 

Col., Centro studi e ricerche di sanità e di veterinaria dell’esercito (Italy)

Title TBD

Piergianni Medaglia 

Researcher in Material Physics at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy)

Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies to improve protection in case of Chemical and Biological Releases

Klara Kubelkova A. Myslivcova Fucikova, M. Schmidt, A. Macela, J. Stulik.

University of Defense, Faculty of Military Health Sciences, Department of Molecular Pathology and Biology (Czech Republic)

Investigation of microbial-host interactions for development of decontamination and biodefence strategies

Kithalawaarachchi Samantha K. (1), K.A.T. Kumara (2), D. Jayalath, Dinidu Jayalath (3)

(1) Director Presidential Task force on Drug Preventionand Disaster Management, Presidents office (Sri Lanka)

(2) Medical officer Disaster Management coordinator Teaching Hospital, Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka)

(3) GIS officer Ministry of Enviorentment, (Sri Lanka)

Development of MIC Real-Time PCR for Detecting Four Major Biological Weapons

Miah Basher Abul (1)

(1) Acting President, Bangladesh Chemical Society

Chemical Safety & Security best practices in Bangladeshi Industries